Sell IPL for skin rejuvenation and hair removal

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IPL for Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Removal

1. Bio-stimulated Effect

IPL machine appears special spacious strong pulse act on skin organation. It produces to be hot function and smooth chemical action only making collagen fibre and elasticity fibre of the deep department re-arranged and recover the stretch. Meanwhile it organizes the function to strengthen with blood vessel and improve the circulation. Making facial skin wrinkles dispelled or lightened the pore dwindles.

2. Hotothermy
The strong pulse light of the specific wide spectrum can pierce through skin, and the pigment group and blood vessel prior to absorb them. In condition of not destroying the normal skin, it makes the blood vessel solidified, pigment grond and chromatophere destroyed and resolved. Thus reach the result of the capillary expanding and the pigment spoting. .

Suitable for:
1. make skin more smooth and whitening
2. Dispel the spots and freckle.
3. Dispel the wrinkle
4. Shrink the pore.
5. Improve eye cup and black eye.
6. Dispel hair
7. Dispel the blood vessels and erythema on face
8. Dispel the acne scar.

Wavelength: 560-1200nm (Skin Rejuvenation 695-1200nm (Hair Removal)
Energy : 50J/cm2
Spot size : 8W34mm2
Size : 530W350W1200mm (cosmetic) 650W400W1100mm(professional)
Cooling : 040
Power : 220V 50/60Hz 16A
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