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Details of IPL for NPLT-PA

1. Parameters
Light Spectrum 560nm-1200nm (Skin Rejuvenation) 640nm-1200nm (Depilation)
Energy Density 10-60J/cm?
Pulse Quantity 1-15
Pulse Width 1-30 ms
Repeat Period 1-4s
Spot Size 8x40 mm?
Drive Power 1000W
Power Supply AC 220V/AC 110V 50Hz/60Hz
Cooling System Closed Water Cooling system, Wind exchange and Semi-Conductor Cooling system
Dimension 500 x450x900mm?
Continuous working for 3 hours no interval
Xenon Lamp life >60,000 flashes
Target tissue feeling gentle
Weight 45kgs
Warranty 1 year
More popular in Hospital, Clinics, Beauty salons

2. Performance:
(1) . Freckle dispelling: hereditary freckle, age fleck, sunburn fleck, dermal spot, coffee freckle and deep skin pathological changes.
(2) . Tender Skin: reduce fine threads and wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, to restore healthy luster, beauty and white skin;
(3) . Shrinking sweat pores : to effectively improve coarse pores and improve coarse facial skin and to remove skin imperfections.
(4) . Capillary vessel dilatation;
(5) . Acne, comedo and acne scars;
(6) . Hair removal: depilation on the body forever, rapidly and efficiently clean the fine hair on your face, lip, bosom, back, limb, bikini line, and other parts with fine hair.

3. Features:
(1) . Popular Design, attach standard light shots heads of tender skin & hair removal.
(2) . Curing time for IPL procedure is short and very gentle, non-invasive and safe, requiring no downtime, recover soon.
(3) . Closed Water Cooling system, Wind exchange and Semi-Conductor Cooling system
(4) . Output power 1000W ensure the treatment area better curative effect.
(5) . Output window cooling by the Semi-conductor which outputs the well-proporioned Intense Pulse Light, no harm to the skin.
(6) . Output power 1000W ensure the treatment area curative effect.
(7) . One machine with multiple functions for Freckle dispelling, Tender skin, Shrinking pores, Wrinkle and Hair removal etc.
(8) . Integrated Energy Calibration syste, LCD display , soft-touch system , precise parameter adjustable , multiple model to choose , easy operation , master well in a short time .
(9) . Reasonable price, perfect after-sale service and available cheap spare parts.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7-10 DAYS
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110V or 220V
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Beijing
Warranty Coverage
1 year warranty