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IPL Quantum Skin Care System
Curing Principle
The IPL Quantum Skin-care System can generate mild photon current taking effect on the target issue for lighting and removing pigment, blood streaks, unexpected hairs and skin rejuvenating.
The system utilizes the selective absorption elements of the light.

Curing Range
The main functions of the system are as followings:
A. Pathology of Pigments
B. Pathology of Blood Vessels
C. Aged skin
D. Black eye socket and other abnormal pigments.
E. Unexpected hair on limbs, body, face and lips with optional treatment handle.

Broad-spectrum, no ablation or intervention to skin

Technical Specifications
Light source Intense Pulse light
Standard treatment handle 560-1200nm, 690-1200nm, 420-1200nm
Light guide Crystal light guide
Fluence 20-50J/cm2
Pulse duration 11-149. 7ms
Frequency <1P/2S
Spot size 8 x 34mm
Cooling system Thermal electrical cooled & embedded circle water cooled
Size 640mm x 290mm x 320mm Packing size 750mm x 510mm x 420mm
20kg Packing weight: 38kg
Power requirement AC110-240V, 3A