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Multipurpose (Wide-range Measurement)
"Thermo Buddy" has a wide range measurement from 00C to 1000C(32.0~212.00F) . It can be applied not only to take the body temperature but to the followings;
ㆍ Body temperature 32~42.20C (89.6~128.00F)
ㆍ Surface temperature of Baby's bath
-Bathing a Baby 24~270C (75.2~80.60F)
-Bathing water 38~400C (100.4~1040F)
ㆍ Milk surface temperature
-Nursing bottle at 450C (1130F)
-Feed at 380C (100.40F)
ㆍ Ambient temperature
-Room temperature 24~260C (75.2~78.80F)

Melody Function
This function aids baby or children to make stable posture when taking ear temperature, giving a friendly and well-balanced feeling.

Accurate and Reliable
It is able to take more accurate and reliable temperature due to the unique probe manufacturing, the advanced infrared sensor, and the complete calibration control. It has been clinically proven in hospitals and proven to be more accurate than other types of thermometer.

Quick Measurement "Just 1 Second"
The breakthrough infrared technology makes possible quick measurement in just 1 sec.

Ready Time "0.1 Second"
The innovative algorithm enables re-measurement of temperature in approximately 0.1 sec.

Convenient and Easy to Use
-User-friendly stylish design.
-Ear thermometer "Thermo Buddy" is a kinder and
gentler way to take a temperature than existing
thermometer such as rectal, oral, underarm
-A measurement can be even taken while children
are sleeping.

Safe and Hygienic
-No risk of injury from broken glass or mercury
-Disposable probe filter for hygiene,
considering multi-user.

 The Infrared Ear Thermometer Thermo Buddy comes with one storage case, one probe filter box including 20pcs of probe filters and 1 filter lock.

 The Thermo Buddy measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. The eardrum shares the same blood with hypothalamus, themperature control part in the brain. Therefore, measurement via eardrum is the most accurate and the fastest way to measure body temperature.
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