Sell IR Receiver Module

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 Wide voltage operating:2.4v-6.5v
 Wide half angle&long reception distance
 Internal filter for PCM frequency
 Good noise-proof capability
 Enhanced immunity against many different
kinds of disturbance light sources
 low power consumption
 Output active low packdimension
2. Applications
 AV equipment(TV, DVD play, VCR, Audio, CD play, STB, etc)
 Home appliances(Camera, Computer, Air Conditioner, Fan, light, etc)
 Infrared remote control Toys.

3. Absolute Maximum Rating(Ta=250)
Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 7.0 V
Operating Temperature Topr -10~+70 0
Storage Temperature Tstg -20~+80 0
Soldering Temperature*1 Tsol 260 0
4. Electro-optical Characteristics(Ta=250)
Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc 2.4 3.0 6.5 V
Supply Current Icc No Input Signal 0.8 1.5 mA
Reception Distance d 20015Lux Vcc=3v 10 16 m
Vcc=2.4v 7 10 m
Half Angle(Horizontal) △ θ h 145 deg
Half Angle(Vertical) △ θ h +45/-40 deg
B. P. F CenterFrequency Fo 37.9 kHz
Peak Wavelength λ p 940 nm
Signal Output So Active Low
High Level Output Voltage Voh Vcc-0.5 V
Low Level Output Voltage Vol 0.2 0.4 V
High Level Pulse Width Twh 500 600 700 5s
Low Level Pulse Width Twl Burst Wave=6005s 500 600 700 5s
5. Reliabillty Test Ilems(Ta=250) Test Items Test Conditions Ratings
High Temperature Storage Ta=700, vcc=3.0v t=240hr
Low Temperature Storage Ta=100, Vcc=3.0v t=240hr
High Temperature High Humid Storage Ta=400,90%RH, Vcc=3.0v t=240hr
Temperature Cycling -200(30min) ~+800(30min) 20cycles