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ISG, IRG series vertical centrifugal pump are designed according to the unique structure of pipe centrifugal pump and measured up ISO2858. These series pump adopt the advanced fluid model optimized by pump experts. So the pumps have high efficiency and reliability. All the performance reaches and over the newest national standard JB/t53058-93. And they were qualified by National Machinery Industrial Department in 1993-pipe pump quality inspection. Some units and components have exported to internal markets and gained good comments from both domestic and oversea clients.

Structure Explanation:
See the structure picture. This pump composes of electric motor and pump with pump structure including the pump body, impeller, pump cover, mechanical seal. The pump is single stage and single suction centrifugal and vertical type with inlet and outlet at the same horizontal line and same dia. Able to mount on any pipe line at any place easily and small occupying place. The
pump has foot to increase the consolidation of the pump and with the flange of inlet/outlet, a pressure hole can equip with pressure meter to ensure the pump long and lasting operation with in its rated performance.

Working Condition:
1. the pump system? max working pressure is 1.6MPa, i. e. the inlet of pump? pressure +pump head<=1.6MPa, working pressure is 2.5MPa, inlet pressure not exceed 0.3MPa, please note that if exceeding 0.3MPa, the seal of the impeller balance hole is needed to keep balance of shaft force.
2. suitable liquid: solid particle should not exceed 0.1% of total volume with shape not exceed 0.2mm, if the liquid containing the small particle, the mechanical seal should adopt durable type.
3. environmental temperature should be less than 400C. Relative moisture should not exceed 95%.
Main application:
1. ISG vertical centrifugal pump used for pumping clear water and clear water like other liquid with temperature not exceeding 800C, suitable for industrial and city water supply and drainage, pressurizing the pipe pressure for high building, garden watering, fire pipe pressurizing, distance water supply, heating supply, bath room and for cool and warm water recycle, booster and relative equip.
2. IRG vertical hot water pump is used for energy, refinery, wooden process, chemical industrial, textile industrial, paper making, restaurant, bath room, hotel and for hot water recycling of boiler and city heating system with liquid temperature not exceeding 1200C.
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