Sell ISUZU Garbage Trcuk (YD5070ZYS)

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The product is made with the technique of imported advanced Fuji Heavy Industry Co. , Ltd. , reasonable overall arrangements, beautiful outlook, complete functions, and stable performance.

Adopting the reformed chassis of Isuzu or Cummings Engine, good drive performance, comfortable and safe. (With air conditioner)

By operating the buttons to complete the collecting and compressing all garbage into the compartment of truck at once. When discharging garbage, operate the buttons to drive the pushing panel to discharge all garbage at once, also our truck is equipped with an automatic engine acceleration device.

The above-mentioned product can not only collect the scattered garbage packed in bags, but also be equipped with garbage bucket to collect life garbage in the business center of city, hotel, restaurants, companies, units and so on.

Upon application and usage in 18 countries and areas, our trucks gains good reputation, especially in Japan and other developed countries, it has become one of the most popularized products.