Sell ITB-333 multi-function physiotherapy bed

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ITB-333 multi-function physiotherapy bed combine traditional qigong , massage etc. natural homeopathy, utilize modern energy medical resonance technology, integrate and use health apparatus, produce multi-functional aerobic works to meet modern inferior health clan demand.

ITB-333 multi-functional physiotherapy bed utilize the chi machine`s physics resonance rhythm-sport effect and electromagnetic wave of the far infrared ray`s warm effect , can let us lie to make aerobic dance easily , securely and comfortably do sunbath , thus to promote physically and mentally healthy.

ITB-333 multi-functional physiotherapy bed can offer high-quality rhythm-sport which benefit to physical and mental health, under the smiling music baptism, harmoniously coordinate human body`s inherent various cadence, help us to relax, raise sleep quality , lighten the pain and promote vigor! When the rhythm of the body can be changed in accordance with the law of the nature, and reach the harmonious resonance, we will not only be healthy, high spirits, also become optimistic, can safely and comfortably do sunbath.
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