Sell ITL 9700A - Industrial Key Cutting Machine

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Fast, powerful and precise, the ITL 9700A is ideal for the professional requiring high volumes of keys in succession. It easily handles 1,000 keys on a daily basis. As with most ITL machines, users retrieve predefined depth and space sets and the machine does the rest.

Popular features of the ITL 9700A include:

- Precision and speed. The ITL 9700A offers a repeatable accuracy of +/-.00075 or .02mm
- Auto-rotating Medeco head for automated key cutting
- Medeco Adapter option for cutting Medeco KeyMark and Yale 7, 10 and 14 degree keys
- 600+ manufacturer depth and space sets
- Compatibility with major code and masterkey software programs
- A one-cutter-emulates-most-flat-widths design - the cutter itself is carbide and very long-lasting

As a testament to its reliability and high level of performance, the ITL 9700A can be found in hospitals, universities and police and military establishments worldwide.
Brand Name
ITL 9700A
Available Colors
16 x 15 x 12
Model Number
ITL 9700A