Sell ITO targets(F-ST-2002, F-EM-1001, F-NM-1001)

ITO targets(F-ST-2002, F-EM-1001, F-NM-1001) You May Also Be Interested In: emi shielding plasma display sputtering targets targets thin films
ITO is transparent and colorless in thin layers. The typical In2O3 to SnO2 ratios by weight, are 90: 10, 95: 5, and 80: 20. ITO thin films are most commonly deposited on surfaces by physical vapor deposition, electron beam evaporation, or a variety of sputtering techniques.

ITO is mainly used to make transparent conductive coatings for LCD, FPD, OLED, touch panel, plasma display, solar cell, antistatic coating, EMI shielding, and etc.

Besides, ITO is widely used for various optical coatings for infrared-reflecting, ultraviolet-absorbing, transparency-intensifying purposes.

Our ITO products consist of powder, granule, tablet and sputtering targets.