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PS-730 Intelligent Traffic System Gateway is a managed router with dual WAN support. The PS- 730 provides additional bandwidth to the network by using its dual WAN port technology. With implementation of the Automatic Line Back-up, and Traffic Distribution, the PS-730 makes full use of its dual WAN ports. The PS-730 also supports Uninterrupted Internet Services, along with 100% embedded hardware system, which provides any network with excellent stability. The built in State Full Inspection Firewall of PS-730 also provides the network with great protection. The clear web interface of PS-730 makes setting up and management a breeze. With the Auto- Negotiation, and Auto MDIX, Ethernet devices are connected as soon as plugging in the Ethernet cables. The PS-730 provides the most cost-efficient, and effective solution for any Internet managing services. Easy setup, effortless management, high performance, and excellent stability makes the PS-730 the perfect device for any network.

PS-730 Dual WAN Gateway Features:
- Max 100Mbps L2 switching data rate
- Max 45Mbps L3 routing data rate

IP Routing:
- Loopback Interfacen
- Auto Load Balancing
- Manual Load Balancing
- IP mulitcasting

Routing Protocols:
- Static Routing

Packet Classification:
- Source/Destination IP address
- Source/Destination port number
- Network Protocol

Access Control:
- Policy Rules with Inbound/Outbound Traffic
- Accept/Drop via Policy Rules
- Protection from DoS (Denial of service) attacks

- Rate limit per address or per flow

Traffic Monitoring:
- IP Hosts status monitoring
- Bandwidth control of the IP hosts
- Web-based monitoring

Security Management:
- DOS protection
- Use authentication through Third Party Website or Internet Control
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