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IZOTE (Yuca elephantipes, aloifolia) is dramatic landscape, its darkgreen, stiff, dagger-like leaves projecting from thick trunks. . With the sharpneedled tips removed with, IZOTE makes a wonderful accent ar entryways or in a shrub border. Their striking textures adds an accent to any garden. High salt tolerance makes IZOTE ideal fer seaside plantings. IZOTE can also be planted in a pot. There are as many as 56 species of IZOTE growing in North America, with many native to the drier, warmer climates of the desert. However only a few species are found in Florida an can be used as foliageplant in our homes. IZOTE have thick fleshy stems with broad stiff leaves that may be tipprd with a sharp spine. The leaves give us the common names of: SPANISH DAGGER, ADAMS NEEDLE and the most desirable ornamental SPINELESS YUCA.


HEIGHT; 3-10 feet
SPREAD; 3 feet
PLANT HABIT; upright
PLANT DENSITY; single to moderate
TEXTURE; coarse.