Sell Ibaby Mobile Phone A88+for baby special

Ibaby Mobile Phone A88+for baby special You May Also Be Interested In: alarm light game time games etc mobile phone sound monitor
1) frequencies band :GSM 900/1800/or GSM 850/1900 (OPTION)
2) screen is 0.8
3) straight board
4) one battery
5) USB
6) Long-distance control
7) Sound monitor
8) Location Track
9) Low Radiation
10) ; Smart Emergency call
11) ; one key call

1) Suits the kindergarten and the elementary student uses ==>Smart. , cartoon outlook, colorful. , simple , specially product which designs for children
2) Location Track==>Children Location Track, parents can set 9 daily activity zones, so the family can master the trace for their children.
3) Remote Sound Monitor==>You can master the enviroment where the children stay, and you can monitor the children and see if they are watching TV , cryinig or playing games etc.
4) Low Radiation==>Speaker function , the alarm light will inform you when the radiation is very high , and reduces the radiation to the lowest
5) Limited telephone conversation time function==>limited the conversation time which are not the specaill numbers 1-4 on smart mobile , in order to prevent talking too long time on phones which cost high telephone charger.
6) forbid using when have classes==> Parents can set the forbidden time when the children have classes, no need to worry the mobile phone calls will affect the class or distract children ; no need to worry the smart mobile will be confiscated by teachers , but the calls and messages will not omit which are from ""legal people".

7) Telephone &Message controlled==> Chirldren will be far awar form the bad/cheating/rubbish calls and messages, just contact the ""legal person"" assigned by parents; the mobile phone numbers which is not setted by parents can not call or sending messages to the smart phone.

8) One-key call ==>Children can contact with the most important persons by one-key call anytime and anywhere, e. g: Father, Mother, teacher
9) Game function==> Parents can choose and control the using of smart phone, when the game time is too long, , the smart phone can be forced to stop using, in order to protect eyses of childern.
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