Sell Ice Cream Powder

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Ice Cream Powder

1) N. W. : 1KG/bag
2) High quality
3) No flavor
4) There are mang kinds of taste: milk, vanilla, chocolate, orange, strawberry, pineapple,
melon, lemon, mango, peach, green apple, yam, green tea, jequirity,
coconut, corn and litchi

It has high milk content and is perfect for making the soft and smooth ice cream.

Flavors includes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, yogurt and green tea.


Fat: 8 % min

Protein: 3.5 % min

Sucrose: 50% min

Moisture content: 5 % max.

As: 0.3mg/kg

Pb: 0.2mg/kg

Micro-organisms :10,000 per gm max

coilforms :30 per 100gm max