Sell Ice Machines-Commercial Ice Machine

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Production Capacity of the ice machines of commercial ice maker, industrial ice machine, home ice machine:20KG~50,000KG/24Hours

Product Features:
* Ice Machines include commercial ice machine, Industrial Ice Machine, Home Ice Machine, Portable Ice Maker
* Industrial Ice Machine is a commercial ice maker with large and continuous production capability
* Portable Ice Maker is a home ice machine/ice cube machine counter top tyepe with small prduction capability
* The Industrial Ice Machine is made by stainless steel exterior panel, streamline design, deluxe feelings
* The Ice Machines/Ice Cube Machines are microprocessor control. Fully automatic operation of water inlet, water outlet, icecube making, icecube drop, etc.
* Our Commercial Ice Machine and Portable Ice Maker is with perfect saftey protection
* The icemaking machine is with malfunction alarm for convenient maintenance
* Compact design to save working space
* The portable type is very compact and can be placed on counter top at home
* The Industrial Ice Machine and commercial ice machine are with vertical evaporator to save power and water consumption
* Our Ice Makers is with fast icecube making and icecube drop speed.
* Icecube shape made by the Industrial Ice Maker can be adjusted
* The Ice Machines are made by Non-CFC foaming material and environmental friendly
* High quality materials are used in our Industrial & Portable Ice Machine to meet food safety standard
* The industrial ice machine and commercial ice machine is with self-cleaning function
* The machine is with adjustable legs
* Use our portable ice maker and you can take cold drink at home any time now
* Our ice machiness are ideal product for Hotels, Cafes, Night Clubs, Restaurants, KTV, Hospitals, Fast Food Shops, Bakery, Sea Food Shops, iceshops, etc.