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GH6302-2A:material: ABS, 285mm(11.2inch) total length and 90mm(3.5inch) scraper width, net weight: 54G.
GH6302-2B:PS material, size:10.7*22.5cm, net weight: 73G.
GH6302-3:material: ABS, 180mm(7inch) total length, 85mm(3.4inch) scraper width, net weight: 27G.
GH6302-4:material: PS/AS/PC scraper and PS/ABS handle, 235mm(9.3inch) total length, 110mm(4.3inch) scraper width, net weight: 73G.
GH6302-6:PP+EVA or ABS+EVA material, size:10*29cm, net weight: 86G.
GH6302-7: ABS+EVA material, size:9*21.5cm, net weight: 70G.
GH6302-8:ABS+EVA material, size:9*21.5cm, net weight: 70G.
GH6302-9:material: ABS, 170mm(6.7inch) total length, 100mm(4inch) scraper width, Rubber blade and Copper blade included, net weight: 44G.
GH6302-11: material: ABS, 320mm(12.6inch) total length, 100mm(4inch) scraper width, 130mm(5.1inch) Aluminum tube with Sponge sheath handle, net weight: 106G.
GH6302-12: material: PP,250mm(10inch) total length, 90mm(3.5inch) scraper width, 120mm(4.7inch) steel tube with sponge sheath handle, net weight: 82G.
GH6302-13:PS/AS/ABS scraper. PVC handle, 180mm(7inch) total length, 75mm(3inch) scraper width, net weight: 44G.
GH6302-14:AS material, size: 10*22.8cm, net weight: 66G.
GH6302-15:AS material, size: 10*23.3cm, net weight: 68G.
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