Sell Ideal Quality Crankshafts

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crankshafts for diesel and gasoline engines with an experience and saving for more than 26 years.

IQ developed SHELL MOLDING method for the crankshafts in Turkey. Flexion , yield , geometrical differences and air
bubble possibilities on cast crankshafts that are produced with horizontal sand models. Ours, are with % 0 tolerance on
IQ "Ideal Quality" crankshafts by using SHELL MOLDING.

We make our crankshafts with perlitic and ferritic structure by spectrometer in our laboratory and prevent all problems before
we start machining the cranks. Our company is the first patented user of this method in Turkey. Also, our company is using
special ( medicated ) packing/boxes for its crankshafts to prevent bug infesting , moisture . . . etc. factors during transportation.
IQ is also first user of such a packing system among other crankshaft manufacturers in Turkey.

Customer satisfaction is the basic principle for our team. The keystone for quality assurance is our believe in continious development
and team spirit. IQ gained an important place in the industry with its " QUALITY - RELIABILITY-CONTINUITY " slogan applied to
its crankshafts being produced in its new , modern, and technological superior facility with superior quality control equipment, and procedures.

With our qualified staff and modern production facilities we offer fast and optimal solutions to the requests of our customers about crankshafts
including all engine parts. Thanks in advance and awaiting your comments at your convenience.