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Popularly recognized in eastern El Salvador as a nutritious dish, the iguana soup represents the edge of culinary exoticism. This dish holds a privileged place in the gastronomic folklore of El Salvador. Legends assure that its mythical aphrodisiac and energetic characteristics can bring one back to life
La Bodega. products pour Salvadoran tradition inside a can, and that is why the company proudly presents the traditional Salvadoran iguana consommi!

The iguana soup from La Bodega. is elaborated exclusively with iguana meat raised in farms within the country. To better enjoy it add a pinch of fresh cilantro, diced onions, a few drops of lime juice, and some hot sauce (optional) . The iguana consommi from La Bodega. will stimulate your senses!
Brand Name
La Bodega
Condition of Goods
canned goods
Terms of Sale
5.5 oz. cans