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Imagic Projection Clock
Item No : EA034

More information : The first ever projection clock that allows users to customize the face of the projected image adding features such as a logo, written message or decorative pattern.

The IMAGIC projection clock uses patented technology to produce a clear projected image up to a meter wide, including hands for hour, minute and second readings as well as digital date display in the center of the face. A bell is also shown in the center of the face to indicate when the alarm feature is set.

IMAGIC is the first ever projection clock to use a changeable film slide to produce different clock dial images. 2 slides are provided with the clock.

You can even create your own custom dials on a PC and print them using a normal laser or ink-jet printer on a standard film transparency to produce any desired customised clock face.

1. Open the bitmap file featuring slide templates you have downloaded using a common graphics software package.
2. Select the template you wish to use and add your logo, message, image etc. following the instructions given by the graphics software provider.
3. Insert a sheet of A4 transparent film in your colour printer and print out your design.
4. Cut out carefully you design(s) following the outline.
5. Insert slide into slide holder.

Business might use this valuable feature to add a company logo or promotional message to their projected clock image that can be changed at any time. Home users on the other hand might simply want to project a favorite family photo or decorative pattern.

Two models are available, one for table top, wall and ceiling and the other for floor standing for optimal display in different environments, for example, an office or company reception area, restaurant or bar, shop or street to name just a few.

Colour: Silver/grey
Warranty: 180 days

Dimension: 32.70(L) x 11(W) x 38.50(H) cm

Package: Gift Box

Export Carton:
Pcs per Carton: 2(pcs)
Carton Size: 0.057cbm
Ctn Dimension(cm) : 48.5(H) x 39.5(W) x 29.5(L)
Gross Weight per Carton(kg) : 5.00