Sell Immuno Deficiency Recovery(IDR) DRUG

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IDR was approved and given licence by Karnataka Ayurvedic Board as an effective immuno modulatory and there by using it on patients suffering from HIV infection also. This is a compound herbo-Mineral formulation containing MAKARADWAJA, VASANTHA-KUSUMKAN-RAS, GOUMUTRA-SHILAJATRI, ASHWAGANDHA, ANJURA and various other drugs which have an anti vata property which helps in arresting the further multiplication of virus in the body.

The AYURVEDICA GMBH, WEST GERMANY after conducted research on our product(IDR) , mentions that due to elevation of immune competent Cells, the cells already infected by HIV Virus may be stopped in their further production.

It also says that they observed an increase of energy in patients , improvements of digestive system and well being. It also suggests that the drug is more effective in the I and II stage of the disease.