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Impact crusher working Principle:
Impact crusher is that the ore is put into the feeding opening and sliding downward along the plate, the ore will be smashed by the high-speed rotary hammer on the rotor when the screen ores is in the fall process. And with high speed along the tangent direction back toward to the first plate, continue to break the ore, the back plate will hit the ore back, then collision with other ores. Therefore the ore was crushed by the repeated impact in the first cavity, Some of the ore in the first chamber will be broken to a certain particle size, they through from the gap between the bake plate and the rotor will be put into the second broken cavity, continue to be crushed, untill they change into the small size then will come out through the bottom of the crusher. We can see from the above, impact crusher uses the impact principle to break the ores, it can be expressed as the following two formula:
the energy of ore got: E= 1/2MV2
the impact to the ore: F=M (V2-V1) /T
M---- The quality of broken materials kg
v---- The circumference speed of the rotor m/s
V2speed of crushed material m/s
V1speed of material (before crusher) m/s
T - time, s
We can see from the style that counter-attack is the inversely proportional to time, and is directly proportional to mine suffered acceleration. The kinetic energy of the material block is directly proportional to product between the square of rotor speed and the quality of materials.
Impact crusher main advantage:
1. Simple structure, small size, light weight, large capacity, Therefore, they have low production costs.
2. ore is broken along the jiont surface, so they have less power consumption, high efficiency.
3. Large proportion of broken, can reach 40, so it can simple the crusher process. it also can change three section broken into two or one broken, can reduce the cost of beneficiation.
4. it has selective fragmentation function, the broken products have uniform particle size, most of stone shape are cube. it is widely used in the bridge construction, high-speed roads, port, airport constructions.
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