Cooperate Importer's Paradise

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Did you know its possible to import from Mainland China without risk and hassle? TradetopiaSourcing Solutions helps you find the perfect manufacturer for your needs and the most competitive prices in the market.

Its an importers paradise for hardware, outdoor equipment, small commodities, light industrial items, machinery, furniture, gifts and premiums. Using Tradetopias representative services you will

- Find the product you are looking for, at the price you need. Our sourcing is fast and sent to you as detailed as possible. We are not an Internet sourcing agency and all of your inquiries are followed up with person to person contact. Our multicultural staff offers you the advantage of a comprehensive understanding of Eastern and Western business practices and cultures.

- Have an edge on product development. Give us an idea and we find a manufacturer who will produce in conditions suitable for you; by offering designs, opening molds, and sending samples. Tradetopia also assists in negotiating prices and conditions (delivery time, packing, payment, etc)

- Place yourself year round in China. Our main office is strategically positioned in Southern China, where the majority of factories are located. During your order, Tradetopias staff performs factory visits, planned and surprised to make sure everything is producing smoothly.

- Never be left in the dark. We are in constant contact with you and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are also in round the clock contact with the factory controlling the conditions of the order. Tradetopia is proactive, foreseeing and eliminating problems before they happen.

Our commission is 8% on the total order. You will see it is not an expense but an investment in security, stability and peace of mind. Please contact me to learn more about this unique method of importing. Send us your product sourcing by email and we can begin working for you today. We can also schedule a phone conversation whenever it is convenient for you.

Representation is important when buying from Mainland China, and your buying important to us.