Sell Improver For BIODIESEL, B100

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CFPP (Cold Flow Pluging Point Improver Additive) a completely new additive package for bulk treatment of B100.
Provides excellent cold weather protection for hard to treat SME (SOY METHYL ESTER) , RME, CME (CANOLA METHYL ESTER ) and PME (PALM METHYL ESTER) fuels.
Features and Benefits
Fully formulated, Biodiesel additive
Protects against gelling and freeze-ups
Excellent Fuel System Cleaner
Corrosion protection
Totally disperses water
Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi without the need for pesticides
The CFPP is a pour point depressant, cold flow improver, water dispersant, and stabilizer for vegetable and animal oil derived methyl esters, bio-fuels and bio-lubricants.
US gallon or drum. 1 gallon is 3. 78 lt. 1 drum is 55 gallon (207, 9 lt. net) .
Minimum order is 10 drum.
Origin: U. S. A.
Shipment & Payment Details:
Shipment by: Elizabeth Port, U. S. A.
Payment: with L/C at sight irrevocable and transferable.
Shipment: At once after sign the contract and receive the L/C.
For more technical information, if you need, please contact with us. We are direct supplier from the factory we represent in U. S. A.