Sell Incinerated Steel Scrap

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This is a kind of steel scrap for smelting but not for re-rolling.

Commodity and Specifications: Incinerated and washed, Steel Scrap.
Processed through a garbage incinerator.
Partly cut, shredded and washed pure Scrap steel material.
With atmospherically caused usual minor surface rust, due to out-side storage.
ISS, processed from the general waste recycling process, strictly containing all kind of cut steel parts: Sheets, bars, axles, frames, bolts, nuts, wires etc.
Selected dismantled Steel parts of all kind of steel made equipments and small cut machinery parts.
ISS fractions are: without harmful impurities, slag, dross, trash, wood, plastic, oily parts, grease, alloy, prohibited goods, whole sets of machine, vehicles and usable parts for machines, engine blocks, motor turning blocks, cast iron, armour plated materials.
ISS fractions are: free of any type of explosives, including, but not limited to bombs,
arms, ammunitions, torpedoes, mines, shells, Cartridges, sealed containers or tanks or envelops, gas cylinders etc.
ISS fractions are: free of radioactive contamination and any poisonous materials prohibited by the international standard norms.
As for HMS and Shredded Steel scrap.

Scrap sizes: abt. 90 %: scrap-parts of 5 cm up to 30 cm and above.
abt. 5-10 %: small particles of 2 cm and there under incl. granules  and minor impurities,
abt. 1% dust and dent. Max. As per the photos will be sent upon inquiry.
Product density: abt. 830 kg to 860 kg per m3
Quantities on stock: Up to 15.000 MT at our different scrap yards.

Actual shipment options: About 250 to 500 metric tons for immediate shipping.
Following quantities up to abt. 1.500 MT per month can be arranged.
Packing: In 20  Containers per - abt. 22 MT, or to the maximum loading capacity of the 20  containers, permitted by the container company.
Country of origin: Germany.
Payment-terms: Transferable confirmed Letter of Credit, to be irrevocable, payable at sight at our bank.
Performance Bond:
For any first shipment we offer a 2 % Performance Bond, if there was no site visit by buyers representative.
Inspection: After contract signature and L/C opening, a visual inspection of buyer representatives at our scrap yards is always welcome and recommended.
For any shipment we present an inspection certificate of ALEX STEWARD, at our costs.
Shipment: We can start with a prompt loading. Shipment within 10 to 15-20 days upon receipt and acceptance of the L/C.
Price: CFR basis as per destination port