Sell Inclinometer(AT201-SIA232)

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AT-201-SIA232-EGOW measures static gravity acceleration then transfer into the change of tilt angle with two-axis tilt sensor in a wild range, then the change outputs in the way of current(4-20ma) .
The response speed of sensor, s angle is from 4Hz to 12.8Hz. It is provided with 5-step filter which can be adjusted by any user. Balance the relationship between the stability of angle and the response speed of tilt sensor.
The products mainly aim at static measurement and slowly motive measurement. It is not suitable to the speedily motive measurement the measurement to carrier deliver good performance under angle variation of 5degree/second in horizontal or pitch state. Due to the influence of acceleration which generated by carrier's movement, it may cause error to the angle output if under the circumstance of over 10 degree/second. Under the circumstance of vertical oscillation, the influence from high frequency oscillation to angle output data is small within the shock of 0.5g.