Sell Incredible 150 inch Theater TV Kits

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Incredible 150 Inch Theater TV!

Convert Any TV into a Big Screen TV!

Why Pay Over $1,000 For A Big Screen TV?
YOUR VERY OWN 150" PROJECTION TV FOR A Fraction of the cost.

That's right, and this really WORKS!
Now is your chance to get this Hi-Intensity Projection Kit including easy to follow Plans & Specifications!

You can convert any size TV, including computer monitors up to 150 inches!


KIT Includes the Highest Quality Fresnel Lens Specifically Designed

for the Clearest Quality Projection Image.

Do not be fooled by "COPY CAT LENSES".

All additional materials can usually be found in your home but can also be cheaply purchased at your local Wal-mart or Radio Shack. This product will not harm your TV or computer monitor, nor is there any disassembly of your current equipment required. This amazing device will project an image on to any surface. Any wall or screen will work great! Your projector can even be used camping. Imagine having an Outdoor Theater any time you want! It's really like being at the movies. Video games come to life. If you own a Dreamcast., Playstation., PS2 or Nintendo 64., you need this! It can also be used with computer monitors for presentations, classroom instruction, or computer games. Imagine a computer monitor of that size, what would it cost?? The possibilities are unlimited!

Each step is fully illustrated, detailing every part of the assembly process. No technical skills are required, however it is critical that you follow the plans exactly.

This system works on the principle of video image projection. Using your existing television or computer monitor, our system will process the light spectrum, enhance the brightness level, focus the image, and finally project this image on to any type of screen. A typical 13 or 19 inch TV screen, for example, can be converted into a 150 inch display with very little video distortion.

The basic idea of this product is simple, it just takes some additional steps to make it work correctly. These steps are the "secret" that makes this product superior to any other similar type projector on the market today.

The instructions are easy to follow and can usually be completed in about 1 hour. The outcome is truly remarkable.

All you need are our Plans and Hi-Intensity Lens plus a few ordinary items that most people have in their homes and about an hour of your time.

Imagine A TV This size in Your Living Room!

Questions & Answers:

Is it difficult to assemble?
The video projection system is easy to assemble and usually takes less than one hour. Complete color instructions and diagrams are provided with your order.
I have a 29 inch TV - will this still work?

The video projection system works with all size television screens, a 9-21 inch screen is recommended but not necessary. The size of the screen will have some affect on projected image. As the screen size increases so will the projection size, however you are easily able to adjust your video image to any dimension you like!

Do I need a special projector?
Absolutely not. All you need is our HI-INTENSITY Flat Lens & our New & Improved Detailed plans. You'll actually build the projector.

Do I need to buy a special screen for it to work?
Any type of screen will work. Most customers just use their living or bedroom wall.

How does the picture quality stay clear at 150 inches?
The video image will lose some picture quality. The larger the projected image, the more video distortion there will be. This is why it is recommended to keep the size no greater than 150 inches. You will also need to adjust your TV's brightness and tint level to get your desired picture quality.

Can I use it with my video game system?
Yes! All video game systems will work with your projector. Imagine playing your favorite video game on a 150 inch screen!! You really feel like you're in the game!

Will the image flip upside down?
Yes. As with any magnification device, you will create an inverted image, but there are 2 ways to fix this & they are fully explained in the New & improved detailed plans. NOTE: You do not need to turn your TV upside down with our plans like most kits offered!

I have a small apartment. Will I have enough space for the 150 Inch BIG Screen TV?
Yes! Your projected image doesn't have to be 150". It can be easily adjusted ANY size up to 150 inches.

I have an LCD Flat Panel Monitor, will this still work?
Yes, the projection TV system will work with all computer or TV monitors.
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