Sell Independent Sequin Device System for embroidery machines made in china

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INDEPENDENT SEQUIN DEVICE SYSTEM (RP-ISDS) is an innovative product newly-developed and is partially protected by patent. Considering the current hot sequin fashion, purchasing an independent sequin device system will be surely profitable, then our this system will be your best choice for its incomparable quality, friendly use and the following shining points:
1. Easily attached to any kind of old type flat embroidery machine such as Tajima, Happy, SWF, Richpeace , flat Barudan, ZSK , and all kinds of made-in-china machines
2. Higher reliability & stability, higher precision in cutting sequins&feeding sequins, no fishtail shape sequin , no sequin missing.
2. Adopt independent control system , no damage or interference to the embroidery machine control system
3. Easily change sequin sizes from 3-9mm through simple operation in 5 min, no need to detach any parts.
4. Speed up to 1000rpm applicable to all kinds of 3 to 7mm chain sequins.
5. Automatically or manually mend embroidery; Up & Down sequin device automatically or manually;
6. Automatically cut thread.
7. Lockable sequin embroidery head, easily shift the machine beween flat embroidery and sequin embroidery
8. Simple installation & adjustment, single or dual sequin device at one head is optional
9. Free pattern conversion software, Installation & Adjustment VCD, and powerful door to door or online training & technique support.

Power Imputing: Compatible with international standard 380V/220V/110V

The minimum head interal for installing the sequin device is 160mm

An air compressor or compressed air system is required to run the sequin device