Sell Indian Automatic Papad Chips Making machine with Dryer

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Indian first successful automatic papad chips making machine with Dryer, no other machine can make south indian Papad(Applam) Chips. Technical specification of the
Automatic Papad Making Machinery Plant

Plant Types Light and Heavy Duty Model
Size 18,22,24,27 Inch width
10 Feet-18 Feet Length
Production Capacity

350-1200 kg per shift (Standard Production)
Power Load 2Hp to 15.5 Hp
Labors Requirement 3 Man
Dryer For Drying Papad with Single and Double Heat Exchanger(Export Quality)

Size 40 Feet Length, 20- 31 (Inch) Width
Dryer Type 12 Time Dying Capacity
Firing System Diesel, Electric, Gas Firing System
Drying System 6 Time Hot Drying

6 Time Cold Drying

Power Load 4.5 Hp(Max. )
Labor Requirement 1 Man
Diesel Consumption 3-6 ltr. Per Hours
Total Space Requires 40 Feet
Total Space Requirement for Automatic Papad Plant 75 Feet x 10 Feet x 12 Feet
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Export Quality