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Welcome to an unique and colourful world of Thanjavur paintings. This school of paintings originated in
Thanjavur (in Southern India) during the reign of the Marathas in the 16th century. It existed from the 17th to 19th Century
and had a limited output. Today, this tradition is kept alive by a few hundred dedicated artists mostly
based in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.
The process of making Thanjavur paintings requires dedication and skill. Each painting is done stage by
stage using gold foil and precious gems and stones to decorate. These paintings are done on a wooden
board on which laying of clay will get three dimensional embossed effects.
22 CARAT GOLD LEAF is pasted on the top, which gives a rich look to the painting. The drawing of the
figures is monumental and robust and eyes are almond shaped.
The paintings decorate the Drawing rooms in residences, arcades in major hotels and lobbies in Corporate
Offices. They also make nice gifts for Christmas, Weddings and other special occasions.
Tanjore paintings have been nominated for GI Tag Registry (Geographical Indication Tag**) from
Government of India Patent Rights. According to GI Registry, Paintings created from the Region of
Tanjore are considered as original. Our manufacturing base is deep rooted in Tanjore with a tradition of
more than 40 years and our craftsmen belong to the community who have traditional recognition for these paintings.
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