Sell Indian Iron Ore Fines

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We can ship you Indian Iron Ore fines from a minimum quantity of 40,000MT per shipment to a maximum of 400,000MT per month.

We also accept annual contracts with price revision clause for quantities like
40,000 x 12 shipments
60,000 x 12 shipments
80,000 x 12 shipments and 100,000 x12 months and above.

We can accept C&F China offers and FOB Indian Port offers.
We accept only Prime Bank LC. We accept 100% payment LC for FOB and C&F and 98+2 for C&F alone.

If LC is through other banks, terms may vary.

We will issue 2 % PBG against your LC draft.

Genuine buyers and Buyer Mandates please feel free to contact us.

Please approach us with your latest LOI and /or draft contract with full particulars of Buyer and his banking data.

Normally processing time will be seven to ten days, although if urgent, it can be achieved in three days.

We will provide all valid documents like previous B/L, SGS report, Stock Proof etc.
To be short, we will make it all the more easy and smooth to make the deal go through without any delay or obstruction.