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The cockroach is a known carrier of diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis and many other stomach and gastro-intestinal complaints. The presence of cockroaches has also been shown to increase the incidence of asthma attacks.

Cockroaches can enter any domestic or commercial premises as eggs in packaging or even in food wrappers, and although hygiene is a good first line defence, the slightest trace of grease or foodstuffs left in those inaccessible areas can lead to an infestation problem. Cockroaches will even eat hair and leather.

They are nocturnal creatures generally and spend daylight hours resting in warm dark places such as roof voids, wall cavities, other structural faults and even hide inside electrical appliances.

Microtech have developed and tested a method that can be safely used by both the domestic and commercial user. It is a financially viable solution to what is a potentially serious situation. A simple flat packed, fold together, sticky trap using a more powerful non-setting adhesive. Retailed in packs of 5 units and supplied with a tube of non-toxic natural bait, this is a highly effective trap for use in a wide range of situations.
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