Sell Indoor Full Color Display

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1) Full color display: the best choice for Indoor movie display system
2) Input signal: HDTV CATV, NTSC PAL S-Video VGA VCD DVD
3) 1024 shades per color
4) Slim thin: the depth of the screen is only 15cm
5) Low power consumption, long life span, stable
6) Super input system: Windows digital interface
7) Automatically on/off function
8) Fit for various computer net, standard connection socket, easy installation
9) Electrical calendar and electrical clock

1) LED chip: Taiwan
2) LED: red, green, blue, 5mm through hole LED
3) Wave length of LED: R: 620~630nm; G: 520~530nm; B: 460~470nm
4) Pixel pitch: 7.62mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 31mm, 41.7mm