Sell Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Type: ZN73A-12
Main Structure and Feathers:
Our breakers mechanical life is 100,000 times (the first creation in china) . So the life of breaker is 3 times longer than ABB, Siemens and others. We use permanent magnetic material in operation device instead of traditional device using motor, spring, gears and so on. This is the main reason to achieve such a long life. Our breaker is suitable for steel industry, power plant and electric transformer substation especially for the frequent operation condition
1. The product is in accordance with the standard of GB1984-89, IEC56.
2. Compared with electromagnetic operation device, it can get rid of the mechanical lock catch, save 90% of parts in operation device and achieve repair-free.
3. It is convenient, safe and reliable for operating with the function of manually switch on/off.
4. It has moveable and fixed types.
5. The vacuum arc-chute is optional and meets the requirements of the customers
6. It has the predominant ratio of the performance and price.
7. No explosion, no pollution, low noise, small volume, long life, repair free and less maintenance.
Main technical data of ZN73 Vacuum circuit Breaker
No. Description Unit Data
1 Rate Voltage KV 12
2 Rate Current A 630-1250 1250-3150 1250-4000
3 Rate short circuit current to be turned off KA 20 31.5 40
4 Rated short-circuit drop-out current (peak value) KA 50 80 100
5 Rated dynamic stable current(peak value) KA 50 80 100
6 Rated thermal stable current(valid value) KA 20 31.5 40
7 Rated dropout times for short circuit current Times 50 50 30
8 Mechanical life of the permanent magnetic device Times >=100000 >=100000 >=10000
9 Rated current of drop-out for single capacitor group KA 630 630 630
10 Rated current of drop-out back to capacitor group KA 400 400 400