Sell Indoor Ozone Indicator/ Controller

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Ozone + Temperature Monitor and Alarm

Model F09E-O3 Series

u Real time monitoring ambiance ozone level

u Preset two stages alarm points for ozone measurement

u LCD display with three color backlight

u Provide up to 1x analog outputs and 2xrelay outputs

u RS485 communication Interface

u High performance, low price


u Design for real timemonitoring ambiance ozonelevel and temperature

u Gentlest shape and convenient structure

u Trusty quality with lower prices

u Particular LCD display with three color backlights

u LCD displays ozone level and temperaturemeasurements

u Electrochemical ozone sensor with 0~5ppm (0~5mg/m3) , high sensitivity

u Two stages alarm preset

u Both alarm way: buzzer alarm and backlight coloursswitch

u Provide up to 0~10V analog output and 2 relay dry contact outputs

u Humidity measurement and display optional

u RS485 communication interface, 15 KV antistatic protection

u Provide two easy methods for calibration and setup alarm points by end users: infrared remote controller and a software via RS485

(Ozone Detector/Indicator) Indoor Ozone Indicator/ Controller

F2000TSM-O3 Series

n Real time detect and indicate indoor ozone level

n Featured 6 LED indicator lights indicates different O3 levels

n Five years lifetime

n Provide 1x dry contact output to control a fan or an O3 generator

n Provide RS485 communication interface to be connected with a PC or DDC/PLC

n The highest performance with the lowest price

F2000TSM-O3 is used to indicate environment ozone level. With its dry-contact of relay output, a fan or an O3 generator can be controlled turning-on/off when ambient O3 measurement reaches its pre-set point.

F2000TSM-O3 can provide RS-485 communication interface with independent address, it can be connected with a PC or another control system to make management and control intelligently.


u Wall mounting, real time detect O3 with measuring range as 10~1000ppb.

u With semiconductor ozone gas sensor inside. More than 5 years lifetime.

u Full time indicate O3 level, special design with 6 indicator lights to indicate different O3 levels.

u Six different ozone range corresponds with different lights indicating.

u The on/off output optional for control a fan or an O3 generator.

u Four setting ozone level ranges can be selectable to control the relay output via a set of jumpers.

u RS-485 communication interface optional with 15KV antistatic protection, independent address setting.