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Indoor Full Color LED display is our another main product. It's brightness, clearness, and long life made it more popular than the LCD screen, Also it can be made as large as the client required.

It's always be used in hall, in TV show room and Hotel and Meeting Room.

1. Construction description:each pixel contain 1 red 1 green 1 blue total 3pcs LED(SMD) pitch 7.62mm, resolution 17200 dots/sqm.
2. In order to make the color matching reach the best white balance effect, the color matching rate of different color brightness is R:G:B/3:6:1.
3. Pixel: size5.0 mm / pixel pitch: 7.62mm
4. Pixel brightness: 2.5cd.
5. Tube chip parameter.
6. Red: 630??5nm 180mcd / UEC-712SOL-VR.
Green: 520??5nm 285mcd / DMRTB-CJB.
Blue: 464??5nm 90 mcd / DMRTB-CJC.
7. Screen body parameter.
Cell board size: 488mm?244mm.
Cell board resolution: 64dots?32dots.
Density: 17200dots/ M2 / Brightness: 1100-1300cd/ sqm
Brightness adjustment: 32 grade brightness adjusting.
8. Scan mode: 1/8 scan.
9. Drive mode: constant current drive.
10. Viewing angle: 110 degrees.
11. Viewing distance: 3-50 meters.
12. Grey scale red, green, blue: 16384 grade coding / 256 grade output.
13. Display color: 16777216 kinds.
14. Exchange frame speed: >160frames/second.
15. Refresh frame frequency: 240HZ.
16. To be synchronized with computer monitor.
17. Data transmissionParallel: RS422 mode.
18. Screen lifespan: >100000 hours.
19. Blind spot rate: ??.0001.
20. Operating voltage: AC 220V??15% / 47??4HZ.
21. Color temperature: 6500K??500.
22. Screen body weight: 30KG/ M2.
23. Control distance: 200 meters(without relay) .
24. Continuous working time: 48 hours.
25. MTBF: >10000 hours.
26: System working environment temperature: ??0??C??60??C.
27. System working environment humidity: 10%??5%
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30 days
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2-3 years