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What is Induction Lamp?
Induction lamps do not have electrodes. Electrode or filament deterioration is a main reason that fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps fail. Consequently, induction lamps last a long time. They are suitable for areas where changing out bulbs is expensive, difficult, or disruptive.

Applications Include:
Street, roadways, tunnels, high bays, parking lot, and area lighting where lamp change-outs are costly or dangerous. Other good applications include over machinery where lamp change-out is difficult or dangerous, and in production areas where lamp change-outs are disruptive or decrease production.

Product Descriptions and Other Considerations:
The light source consists of a high frequency generator, a power coupler, and the discharge vessel (or bulb) . The frequency generator produces a 2.65 MHz alternating current supply to the power coupler. The power coupler can be thought of as an antenna. In turn, the coupler causes the phosphors on the interior of the vessel to fluoresce.

1 Can last up to 100,000 burning hours,
dramatically reducing ongoing operations and
maintenance costs
2 Deliver higher efficiency (more lumens per
3 Provide excellent color rendering (CRI over 80)
versus HID (CRI: 22 for High Pressure Sodium,
and 70 for Metal Halide)
4 Energy savings
5 Environmental friendly
6 Power Factor > 0.99, THD < 10%

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