Sell Induction Lighting

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Our lighting technology is essentially a fluorescent lamp without electrodes. With the absence of electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of gas discharge and electromagnetic induction to produce light. The result of this is a lamp with an unmatched life span. Lasting up to 100,000 hours this system can last longer than 100 incandescent, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes.
We are able to provide to address may types of applications Ex : Streetlight, Wallpack, Security Lighting, Walkway Lighting and many more.

Specifications :

Unmatched 100,000 hour rated bulb life!
Replace Metal Halides 1-for-1
2 Times more light output per watt than LEDs
Reduces energy costs up to 60%
Lowest lifetime cost of any light source
5/10 Zero Maintenance Warranty Standard
6/10 Zero Maintenance Conditioned Spaces Warranty
Excellent Lumen Maintenance, 70% for 10 yrs
Universal voltage standard 120/208/220/277
Unlimited On/off cycles with Instant Re-Strike
Operates 8000 cooler than HID sources
Balanced 5000 kelvin 90+ CRI output
Low temperature starts to (-30c)
Dimming options for all fixtures
Supply Capacity
2000 Units Per Month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
50 units
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
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