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We are a professional manufacturer of industrial ceramics and chemical Random Packing in JiangXi Province of CHINA.
Our products are widely used in petrochemical industry (especially crude oil refining) , gases (natural gas, coal gas, and other gases) , fertilizer industry, metallurgical industry (iron & steel works) , acid chemical industry, fine chemical industry, aqueous cleaning industry, water treatment industry, environment protection industry, pharmaceutical Industry, etc.
In the above industries, they are widely used in the towers of drying, filter, absorbing, cooling, washing, support, recovering, and hot blast stoves, ball mills, etc.

Chemical Random Packing Series:
Perforated Ceramic Ball, Activated Ceramic Ball, Porous Ceramic Ball, Inert Alumina Ball, Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball, Refractory Ceramic Ball, High Alumina Mingling/Abrasive Ball, etc.

a. Ceramic Random Rings:
Rasching Ring, Spiral Ring, Cross Partition Ring, Pall Ring, SK Connecting Ring (Bundle) , Interlox Saddle, Super Interlox Saddle, Casade Ring, Wheel Ring, Conjugate Ring, Ceramic Bricks/Plates/Support, etc.
b. Ceramic Sand Filters: (for water treatment, working as filtering medium)
Rare Earth Ceramic Sands, Ceramic Granule
c. Metal Random Rings:
Conjugate Ring, VSP Ring, Supper Mini Ring, Interlox Metal, Casade Mini Ring, Saddles, Pall Ring, Twin-curved Saddles, IMTP, CMP, MSR, MAR, etc.
d. Plastic Random Rings:
Conjugate Ring, VSP Ring, Pall Ring, Casade Mini Ring, Saddle, Teller Rosetter, Heillex, etc.
e. Plastic Balls:
PP Polyhedral Hollow Ball, PP Hollow Ball, Light Inert Solid EPS Resin Ball, etc.

Ceramic Structured Packing, Metal Structured Packing, Plastic Structured Packing

Price Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF
Packaging: wooden case/carton
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30-45 days
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L/C at sight
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