Sell Industrial Inductive Contactless Regulators

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Item No. : ARD series

Product Name: Industrial-Strength Contactless AVR

1. Output low-voltage / high-voltage protection
Built-in low-voltage / high-voltage detection and protection circuit. Protection points adjustable. When output voltage is out of range, protector will cut off output and give warning (LED Blinking) .

2. Open-phase protection
Built-in Open-phase protection circuit. When Open-phase happens, protector will cut off output and give warning (LED Blinking) .

3. Overload protection
Built-in overload protection will protect this AVR automatically even the output was short circuit.

4. Superior monitoring System
Even with the mentioned built-in protection inside, we integrated a Superior monitoring System to give double insurance of the performance.

5. Soft-output function
Built-in Soft-output function, when started or resume form power outages, output voltage will be started from a low voltage to avoid damage to equipments.

6. Free form Voltage-Drop
Dual-stack design. Even a single phase loading is imbalance up to 50%, Voltage-Drop will not happen. So it is ideal for motor, servo motor and other launch-frequent equipments.

7. Pure Linear Voltage adjustment
Linear Induction control, no voltage ladder. (Relay type and servo motor type can only give ladder voltage output)

8. Contactless design
No contact surface in the machine, no Arc.

9. Wide input voltage range
115% input voltage range.

10. Modular design
Complete Modular design, for easy after sales services and debugging.

11. Fully isolated, manual bypass function
For maintenance or repairs, bypass can be activated manually (short-circuit and overload protection are still on guard)

12. High temperature detection
Built-in temperature detection circuit, when main coils are overheating LED blinking will be activated, giving message that maintenance or replacement of the mail coils required.

13. Misoperation prevention design
To prevent misoperation, double lock system was applied in this AVR. Only press the two power buttons in the same time can the machine be started or shut down.

14. Excellent loading / overloading ability
100% load for continuous operation, transient inductive loading is also welcome.

15. Better efficiency, excellent characteristics
high efficiency low iron loss Silicon steel was applied, the base of lowest reactive loss and active loss.

16. Compact size design
The high-strength structural design gives a smaller size and less weight.

17. Seriously selected industrial-strength components, work for more than 10 years
Lifespan can be more than 10 years. All components are selected for years, transient high voltage is welcome.