Sell Industrial Timing Belts with Double Teeth

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1) Arrangement symmetrical
2) Arrangement overlapping
Name: Industrial Timing Belts with Double Teeth / Double teeth timing belts
The teeth Arrangement are symmetrical
Material: Polyurethane/ Rubber
The Polyurethane timing belt has the trais of movable flexibilitty, anticracks, perfect property, excellent ozone property, antiageing, thenmal resistance, oil resistance and durability.
Rubber timing belt with various functions, that can make the driving of synchronous belt precise, w/o lubrication, non sliding difference, non pollution , small noice
steel cords can be added in the polyurethane/rubber to enhance the bending-resistant performance , anti-cracking performance, Long service life, High transmission power and speed , steady operation .
1. The pitch & tooth type of double sided timing belt is same as that of single sided timing belt.
2. There are two kinds of double sided timing belts
Arrangement symmetrical (a)
Arrangement overlapping (b)
We can produce symmetrical and overlapping two kinds double sided timing belt. For particular specification, we can also make according to clients' drawing and sample
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