Sell Industrial Vacuum cleaner SSCE 204-80

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They are used in collecting powder, grit, shot and other grain-shape dry and wet materials.
Technical parameter:
Vacuum systems powered by compressed air without any rotating or moving parts installed Quick and effectively collect and recover wet and dry material No electric powered parts are included in the products and they can therefore be designed and built to avoid static loading and electric spark building High efficiency filter system, High suction capacity High quality design, Long lifespan and low service requirement Simple and highly efficient filter cleaning
filtration technical parameter:


Canister filter and dust bag

SSCE 204-80
Designed, constructed and serviced to meet the demands of the toughest environments and applications. Rely on air powered vacuum systems to handle all material collection problems. These units are powerful and extremely efficient, having the maximum combination of airflow and suction capacity. They are the most powerful units available and are engineered to easily discharge the collected materials. Weight: 45 kg Size: 700W630W1230 mm Volume: 80 L
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