Sell Industrial and Mining Lamp Series

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Anode gasification stretching reflector with patent heating body design; PMMA light source sealing cover; single high power LED light source; high efficiency constant current source.
Applicable Places
Suitable for workshop, factory building, road toll station, gas station, large-scale supermarket, exhibition hall, stadium and other places where need lighting.
1. Use the independent intellectual property rights packaged single high power LED (50w-100w) as the light source, utilize unique multi-chip integrated single-module light sources design, adopt the imported high-brightness semiconductor chips with many characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, high light color purity and no double image etc.
2. The unique heating body design, combined perfectly with the electrical box, which will effectively conduct and diffuse the heat, so that reduces the temperature in the lamp body and effectively guarantees the lifespan of the light source and power source.
3. The surface of heating body is treated with the anodic oxidation and corrosion prevention, the structure is compact and beautiful, reaches the IP65 standard, the anticorrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance is good.
4. The energy saving effect is obvious, the utilization of high power LED light source matched with the imported high efficency power supply can save energy more than 70% compared to the sodium lamps.
5. Green and environmental protection and pollution-free: Not including lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no any pollution to the environment.
6. The color rendering property is good, the presentation to the material object color is clearer. All kinds of light colors may be chosen and satisfy the demand of different environment, eliminates the depressive emotion caused by higher or lower color temperature for the traditional luminaires, which will make the vision more comfortable, improving the working efficiency of the workers.
7. Use the constant current constant voltage control, the range of applicable voltages (AC85V-265V) are wide, which overcomes the lamplight instability caused by the power network noise pollution of ballast, avoiding the stimulation and fatigue that brought to the eyes in the work .
8. The decoration effect is extremely good, use the special surface treatment process, many kinds of colors may be chosen for the outward appearance, easy to install and dismantle and the applicable scope is wide.