Sell Industry Aluminum Profile(Cylinder)

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Our products fall into three broad categories :
1. Industry Profile
(1) Standard Profile :Various of the pipes, bars, channels and strips widely used in the international.
(2) Van : Applicable to the vehicle modifications and the contents of the light rail trains.
(3) Container : Applicable to all types of containers assembly.
(4) Cylinder :Applicable to all types pneumatic elements production.
(5) Motor Shell : Applicable to all types of electric motors production.
(6) Radiator : Applicable to all types of electronic products in cooling demand.
(7) Speakers:Apply to all types of vehicle power amplifier shell.

2. Wall purification Profile : Applicable to the purification plant and the construction of steel plants.

3. Air vent series : Applicable to all Central Air-Condition outlets and air conditioners frame.


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