Sell Inflatable Packaging Bag

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Air Cushion is used in handbag, packbag, briefcase, luggage, and void carton to fill in and so on. Air cushion is very convenient through some easy inflate tools such as balloon pumps, gas guns and air compressors. Air Cushion can automatic lockup air, reduce cost , save valuable warehouse space and we have many sizes to give you choose.

Air Bag is made by material PE and Nylon. All the air chambers are full of air at once when inflate and automatic lockup air. And Air Bag can support 100kgs pressure after charging air, and can availably absorb shake and reduce the impact of outside force. As for specific shape, can be designed to packing different products. Air Bag can as a replacement for the traditional packaging like EPS or EPE and so on.

Bag in Bag contains Nylon and PE. Air Shape can better to protect the different products. The products can protect in the air pouch when inflate. It can automatic lockup air and charge instruments such ad balloon pumps, gas gun and air compressor and so on. We have different sizes to give you choose.

Container Damager Bag main material contain kraft paper, weaving bag, PE and Nylon. It owns waterproof, good penetration-resistant and able to bear low temperature characteristics. Container Damager Bag is special designed to protect your products in container.