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Inflatable life raft is used for the vessels sailing on international voyages
Application It is ssuitable for insstalling ships oon category I vvoyage area. Prodduct Standardd
KHAA type throw ovver board inflaatable life raft is in accordannce with SOLAAS(74/96) , MSSC.81(70) ,
MSCC.218(82) and LSA, etc.
Equipment Outfitt
A Paack or B Pack (Ships engaged on Short innternational vooyage)
Inflaation method Afterr throw-over frrom ship, the life-raft can bee inflated and oopened autommatically. If thee ship sinks veery
fast aand the life-raaft cannot be thhrown-over, thhe raft still cann float up fromm water under tthe action of
Hydrrostatic Release Unit which can be inflateed and openedd automaticallyy.
Max. Storage Heiight
The installation heeight is 18-25mm from water ssurface.
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