Sell Inflatable water games series - water trampoline

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We provide series of inflatable toys for water games such as water trampoline, water walking ball, inflatable iceberg, inflatable swimming pool and inflatable boat etc, which is suitable water parks, and other outdoor recreation.

Water trampolines have frames with springs that are supported on top of a large round inflatable tube. Water Trampolines areas large as 25' and and as small as 10'. These full trampolines offer similar performance to that of a small backyard trampoline, but allow the activity to take place on the water! Only about small time to set up and break down. They can then be anchored to remain in place on most lakes and ponds.

Bouncers: Bongo
These are the smaller trampolines that do not have frames or springs. They are incredibly easy to set up, as there are no frames to assemble or springs to stretch out. All that is required is a 120 or 12v air pump and away you go. They are about one 5th the cost of a water trampoline, but will not perform as well as a trampoline with frames and springs. Bouncers can easily be stored in a boat or RV and quickly inflated or deflated in less then 10 minutes. Bring the bouncer with you to your favorite spot for your and deploy for playing or lounging. They come in sizes from 10ft to 15ft.

Attachments for water trampolines that added together to turn the water trampoline into a full water park! These can really make the day for kids of all ages!