Sell Information Floor Kiosk (SK135)

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Clipper-built Design
Endurable and stable
Ideal for applications in City information station, Exhibition Display, Entertainment.
Size available: 10.4"-17"

We adopt state-of-the-art touch screen technology, Surface acoustic wave touch systems in all of our products.

Surface acoustic wave touch system can offer the following unrivalled and unique advantages: Pure glass Touchscreens: Superior image clarity, high resolution and no color shift.

Optional antiglare surface treatment.

Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface: Continues to work if scratched. Over 50 million touches in one location without failure.

High touchpoint density: Over 10, 000 touchpoints per square inch.

Drift-free stability: Unaffected by time or electromagnetic interference, automatic correction for contaminants on the screen.

Warranty: 5 years standard, extended warranties available.

Finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation.