Sell Information and Resourcing for the Logistics Industries

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The IRO is a global resourcing facility designed specifically for the logistics Industry. Our operatives are here to help you identify the resources you require quickly and efficiently. We maintain specific registries of companies that provide high quality products & services tailored specifically for the logistics industry. Logistics is a truly global industry requiring products and services across the entire world. Our registries contain entries from the providers of these facilities from all over the globe.

A professional resourcing facility not just a search engine or a directory. We maintain several registries of products and services that are for the logistics industry. Our registries contain not just the basic information about a company (i. e. name address, tel, fax, email. Etc. ) but details on the company, its products services and capabilities. Our registries contain two classes of entry; Accredited and non-accredited. All our accredited entries have been vetted and approved. We carry the non-accredited entries purely as an additional part of our service, our recommendations however are taken only from accredited companies that we have previously vetted.

If you know precisely what it is you require then you can search directly through our registry entries knowing that each accredited entry is a true professional in that field and capable of providing what you require.

If on the other hand you are unsure of what you need then you can complete an enquiry form and we will do the resourcing for you. We can provide you with expert advice and assistance.
If you have a particularly complex or lengthy research project then we will provide you with the necessary consultancy services to accomplish this efficiently and effectively. Furthermore if you wish to make enquiries without revealing your company identity, we can make the enquiries and act as negotiators on your behalf. Any recommendations provided by us are done so on a strictly impartial basis.