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Product Description
Our Kiosk has a beautiful appearance design and It is really a good equipment integrating the adornment with the practicality. It will be a good information station for some elegant places such as bank, hotel and library.

Office building: guide of companies, guide of building
Businesses: company's public relations, brief introduction,
guide of products, guide of department.
Bookstores: guide of books, guide of facilities, guide of the popular author, guide of the bestseller of the week

Department stores: Product introduction, guide of each floor, guide of sales, guide of culture center
Hotels: guide of each floor, guide of special events, guide of special menu, guide of transportation
Sports center: guide of facilities, guide of training course, guide of club membership
Airport: Guide of terminals as an entertainment facility for the passengers waiting to board


1) Stand alone with beautiful slim steeled body
2) Laptop like comfortable keyboard panel with warm wood grained handrail.
3) High resolution 15 or 17inches color LCD monitor
4) Robust metal or plastic track ball mouse.
5) Easy reached USB socket for U-disk, U-key or Mp3 etc.
6) Rj45 Ethernet interface ready for internet /intranet connection
7) CPU, RAM, HD configurable on demand
Supply Capacity
1000 per month
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts
Warranty Coverage
1 year