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With InfoTXT, your customers, sales agents, marketing department, administrators, and other personnel will be able to send and receive high-volume SMS messages and access valuable information (like product inventory, product prices, news, updates, contact information, account details, quotations, directory, system status, statistics, etc. ) anytime, anywhere, wirelessly using any SMS-capable cellphone! Definitely the most cost-effective, efficient and convenient means of communication within a company and with their customers.

Our InfoTXT Messaging Platform comes in 3 different versions as follows:
Basic = Send and receive SMS via PC.
Advanced = Basic + Info On Demand using built-in DB
WebDB = Advanced + Access to external DB, Website, or Web App
Who can use InfoTXT?
Service-oriented companies like hotels, restaurants, customer contact centers, banks, hospitals, and others, can use InfoTXT to add value to their customer service and CRM infrastructure.

Product-based companies like retailers, traders, dealers, manufacturers, logistics, insurance, real estate, and others, can use InfoTXT to store, update, and monitor product and/or customer information.
InfoTXT Uses
Send and Receive SMS
(ex. marketing campaigns, announcements, news, alerts, notifications, orders, inquiries, logos, icons, picture messages, business cards, calendar notes, etc. )

Save and Retrieve Information 24x7
(ex. customer information, account details, product prices and inventory, system status, corporate data, etc. )

Integrate with existing infrastructure
(ex. Add SMS access to CRM systems, Inventory systems, Tracking systems, etc. )

InfoTXT Business Cases
SMS Gateway for your business
SMS Marketing Campaigns
Information Channel for Clients or Staff
Corporate Communication Tool
Remote Systems Administration and Monitoring
InfoTXT Benefits
The most cost-effective and efficient means of communication within a company and their customers
Simple and efficient
24x7 Automated Info On Demand feature
Based on Nokia M2M Technology
Can be customized to fit your specific requirements
Best Value for Money (both TCO and OpEx)
Brand Name
Infotxt Messaging Platform
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